Mina's Last Concert (August 23, 1978)

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The Italian singer Mina started her career in 1958 when she was 18 years old. 2018 marks both the 60th anniversary of the beginning of her career, and the 40th anniversary since she last performed in front of a public. Up to this day, she has recorded more than 70 studio albums, the majority of which are double and released on a yearly basis. The 20-year period spanning from 1958 until 1978 was very prolific for her, full of many concerts and participations in TV shows, and, of course, of numerous singles and albums released.

In August 1978, her last concert was held at the then called "Bussoladomani" theatre (now "Bussola Versilia"), where she and many other famous Italian singers have performed throughout the years. A tour was planned for the summer of 1978 with 15 concerts in total. The last one of them was to be recorded and broadcasted on TV, but due to a pulmonary infection, Mina held only 11 of them, the last one happening to be held on August 23. Fortunately, a recording of that very concert was made (there are also a few video recordings made by fans as well), and so the album "Mina Live '78" was released as a double LP later that year in October.

Although she stopped her concert activity ever since, she hasn't stopped releasing albums up to this day on a yearly basis (the double albums period spans from 1973 until 1995, the last one being "Pappa di latte"). From 1995 onwards she still releases albums, and with the new millenium she started having several hiatuses spanning from one to four years at most. Her latest album to date is "Maeba", released on March 23, 2018, two days before her 78th birthday on March 25.

This collection follows the tracklist of the album "Mina Live '78". Some of the songs included have no studio versions and were performed only at that concert, so not all songs have a video of the live performance in the description, you can listen to it to the song's page.

Original song performed by Ivano Fossati. Mina doesn't sing it live, but instead a studio version of the song was played at the opening of the concert.

песма | енглески Mina

Original song performed by Bee Gees. This is the song with which Mina goes on stage.

Included in the album "La Mina" from 1975.
Live version:

Original song performed by Ivano Fossati.

Преводи:  енглески

Included in the album "Frutta e verdura" from 1973.
Live version:

Original song performed by Don Backy. Included in her album "Singolare" from 1976.
Live version:

Преводи:  пољски

Released as a single "Città vuota (It's a Lonely Town)/Ancora, ancora, ancora" earlier in May of 1978. Later included in the compilation "Del mio meglio n. 7" (1983).
Live version:

песма | Neapolitan Mina

Original song performed by Gennaro Pasquariello.

песма | шпански Mina

Widely famous Spanish rumba, notably performed by Manolo Escobar.

песма | енглески Mina

A medley of three songs by three different artists:

  • "Georgia on My Mind", originally performed by Hoagy Carmichael and his Orchestra, but widely known for Ray Charles' cover
  • "Angela", performed by José Feliciano
  • "Margherita", performed by Riccardo Cocciante

A cover of the song "It's a Lonely Town" by Gene McDaniels. Mina's Italian version dates from 1963. In 1978 was released a re-arranged version of the same song, entitled "Città vuota (It's a Lonely Town)" and included in the single of the same name "Città vuota (It's a Lonely Town)/Ancora, ancora, ancora".
Live version:

Included in the album "Mina con bignè" from 1977.
Live version:

A medley of four songs, originally performed by Lucio Battisti:

песма | енглески Mina

Original song performed by Queen. Again, only the live version exists, Mina never recorded a studio version of it.

And this happens to be the last song ever performed by Mina live. After singing the chorus, she stops singing and goes backstage, while the orchestra keeps playing until the very end. The public goes berserk, but that's how she ends her concert career. And, in my opinion, the harmonica which plays after she goes backstage seems to sound like something that will no longer happen again.
Live version:

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