Punk-opera "Koschei the Immortal" (1994)

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This is the 9th and probably most popular studio album of Russian rockband 'Sector Gaza', the genre is described as a 'horror-punk Opera' in folk-rock style.
The entire album is a parody of the russian Folktale "The Princess Frog". It contains narration and Arias performed by several characters. A lot of russian non-normative slang and vulgar humor is to be found in all the narrative parts and Arias. Most of the music is taken from famous hits of several western bands and singers, a fact that is also mentioned in the 'Introduction' (first song of the album). The 'Second Aria of Ivan' being the only completely original composition.
Irina Puhonina, a young promising singer from Voronezh took part in the writing of the album. She performed Arias No.3 (Aria Ivana i Ligushki), No.5 (Aria Babi Yagi), and No.7 (Ariya Vasilisy Prekrasnoy). The third Aria is performed both by her and Yuri Klinskikh, the lead singer and bandleader of Sector Gaza, the rest of the Arias are performed by Yuri Klinskikh. He also voiced the role of the narrator. Alexey Ushakov, the keyboard player, voiced the role of the King.
The idea for creating this punk-opera came from Yuri Klinskikh in 1989. He began to compose material for it in 1991. The album was recorded in Voronesh at the 'Black Box' studio in March 1994, and released in July 1994 by Moscow label 'Gala Records'. Two years later, filming for the album was started, but never finished for financial reasons. Plans existed to wrap up the filming in summer 2000, but Yuri's death prevented them.
Here is all the footage that had already been shot by that time:

SaintMark    Понедељак, 15/10/2018 - 19:26

this should be turned into a real opera and played in moscow bolshoi theatre.