Van Dometa (превод на енглески)

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превод на енглескиенглески (poetic)


Half past 6 in the morning, she is still asleep, the time stops when it dawns, I sneak out from my apartment...
There's no living soul, just the seagulls are circling, and I'm listening to them while I'm standing there thoughtfully, desolate coast and my feet are perishing through the sand, which is making me drown slowly, but I'm actually sailing...I'm listening to the waves, they are depositing the seaweed, the sea foam, they are leaving the trace of the salt on the rocks...In the free zone, you can freely call me but my phone isn't ringing because I'm out of range, sorry.
The palms and the bay, and the pine trees and the sea and the buoys while the ships are sailing, and the boats with their bows towards the horizon...The water doesn't float my ship crew because my fleet is my Santa Maria, Ninja and Pita, I'm meditating in them, not a simple small thing matters to me except the cruising, date palms like pineapples, I'm writing "Under the sea" on the sand, the letters are covered by the waves, imagine that you're out there...
Out there where are the small dark red corals, where are the blue oceans, where the days are always clear, where no one can hear nor see us, where we're out of range - you and me, we're going far away, going far away, our private Atlantida, we're swimming with the flock of fish, the nature a 1000 miles out of range...
Eyo, keep on sleeping, turn your back to the rays of sun, the sky is full of cormorants, the ship is waiting for the steersman - here I am! Here I am, stranded on the shore like a medusa, the young pirate is following the track on the treasure map. My sarcophagus is buried with the gold, so every day I search for the secret of the archipelago.
The albatrosses are flying on Galapagos Islands and Barbados, the wind is preventing them from landing on the lighthouse. In the free zone, you can freely call me but my phone isn't ringing because I'm out of range, sorry...The hidden beaches and the caves and the palm trees and the squid and the mussels, the algae, fish and crabs.
Mediterranean is making me meditate, I need the sails through the meridians to sail and swim, the warm climate and idyll, that's the wild environment, the fishing nets full of the sardines...I'm rowing but I'm standing still, always the same papers when I open my notebook, on the new paper I see the finished song, it's hiding from me like a shell in the sand.
The choir of the crickets, wreckage in the depth, cuttle, scorpions and dolphins, the choir of crickets, pine trees and resin, oleanders, lavender and the smell of the sea...Out of range.
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Van Dometa

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FlopsiFlopsi    Субота, 23/05/2020 - 08:02

Reminds me of myself asking my cousin what words in a title are not capitalized. She told me to capitalize all letters because it's to hard to explain (to someone like me who just doesn't want to understand grammar).

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