Da vdignem shum (Да вдигнем шум) (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Let's Make Some Noise

Let's make some noise and let it be known
That you sleep with me, that you care about me
What do you have for the jealous
Envy us, for you are nothing like us
Let's make some noise!
She is the most beautiful, my woman is gleaming
I call her my sun and I love her so much
My man is a tough guy, the richest among them all
No problems, gives out love, there's no one like him.
The most beautiful woman walks hand in hand with me
What a sweet little thing she is, she gave me love
My man is super cool, he knows how to love and the
Tattoo in my heart, he'd get any star for me.
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One or two lines don't make much sense, the song is stupid anyway. This is a literal translation but there is no great meaning behind it as it is.

Da vdignem shum (Да вдигнем шум)