Derindeyim (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

I'm In Deep

The sounds come from deep, show me the way out
My heart says "give in" to my brain and the sounds get slower, the falls start again
Laughters slowly come to an end.
Is it revival from the collapse that is expected?
While all the clocks are stopping in this evening, is it only mine that keeps on working.
I don't know, a way that goes to end says "everythin will end if you come".
My body neither resisted nor accepted, it's too weird.
I put an end to it and let myself be, i'm fallen but i cannot see the bottom.
I'm melting like an ice and trembling, i'm on fire and i don't put out.
I'm not going back, i cannot go back and there is no way out ahead.
The darkest shade of the black calls out me , i have to go i have not much time
I'm in deep, inside the street
I'm in deep, inside the black
I don't feel like to do anything, thinking doesn't give back the past.
Your bullets don't pierce me, even if they sink into me they don't knock me out.
Deeps tell me to come, but i cannot make any move
Hey happiness! Look here "Remember me, hey it's me!"
While all the nights set my sun , my tongue spells the pitch-black.
Give me a veil to hide my sullen face, i cannot go to the happiness side in this state.
My refugee soul tries to pass by the ocean, throw it
Throw your cigarette from the windows that i looked through the future.
My soul hits the bottom by time, i'm in deep i don't get out.
I put an end to it and expend myself, i come to an end but i don't fall to the ground.
My way goes to blind alleys, i think of good days anyways.
I'm in deep, inside the street.
I'm in deep, inside the black.
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