The Devil's Blood - On the wings of Gloria


On the wings of Gloria

A voice called from beyond the stars
By way of the serpent whirling through my veins
Through the clatter of the iron age
Into the dreams of the insane:
"Turn away from the light again!"
And I was accosted by fear
And my skin was salty from my tears
But ever your radiance shone me sights of Gloria
And brought me back to contest the light again!
So I looked around for your sigils
And I found them in the blood of your brood
The empty and desolate, the void within the storm
Abomination that sheds his light again
I have drowned my heart in sorrow
I have closed my soul to man
I have wallowed in the darkness
I have embraced the death
I shall never seek the light again!
"My body is chiming
With the thought that fills the universe
I must needs cut out my senses
Lest his word becomes my hearse
A pound of flesh, a pound of flesh
The keeper demands a pound of flesh
Skin for skin, skin for skin
Bred and sired in pox and sin
Woe is them, woe is them
Who wear these chains as golden mesh
Rain of ash, rain of ash
As holy flesh and sulphur clash
I know their torment shall never pass
Haunted forever by love and distress
In the endless desert wings, strewn with broken glass
My King of Chaos stands in a realm of boiling brass
On the wings of Gloria
Across the plane of sadness
Contraction and expansion
From the death into the death
From the middle of never
Into the endless ever-after
I stride along the broken clock
(proclaiming) "Lord, I am your rock!"
Build on me your empire of euphoria!
Kindle me with your unborn breath
Let me fly on the wings of Gloria!
Let me fly on the wings of death!
So I have raised a temple of blood and bone
On the vanquished reason 'surrounds my soul
The stairway is open, the circle is whole
The Dragon spreads its light again!
So make your wings to shine
And make your eyes to beam
Make your dark as fire so bright
Burn my eyes with its light
So I may never see the light again!
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