Doctor Steel - Ode To Revenge


Ode To Revenge

There was a toy,
A very strange, enchanted toy
That said it traveled very far, very far
To this reality.
A little strange
With the power to change,
And with its brain
It said to me
The greatest thing
You'll ever learn,
Is to get revenge..
And watch everybody... burn!
To all the prisoners of nine to five jobs
Stuck in cubicle cells,
To all the baggers of groceries and merchandise
Trapped in suburban hell,
To all the people stuck in traffic jams
The corporate gagged and bound,
To all the people who've lost faith in the system
Tired of being pushed around,
Let's burn it all down!
Let's burn it all down!
Yes, let's burn it all down!
Let's burn it to the ground!
We've kept our eyes closed
And our wallets wide open,
Yes we keep on hoping for a better day,
But good 'ol Eden's closed
And they keep on feeding us old,
Pre packaged, scare tactic, minimum wage,
But they ain't foolin me,
It's the same old trap,
I saw those demolition blasts clear as day..
Wake up and smell the chemtrails, Jack,
'Cause this shit ain't going away,
Unless we...
..burn it all down!
Let's burn it all down!
Yes let's burn it all down!
Let's burn it to the ground!
We are gathered here today
To bring upon the end,
We hold the change in our hands,
I can feel the power..
And I can hear your voices backing mine,
Because you know, yes you know! I understand,
No, you're not alone..
Step forward and come home,
With your mind you shall be saved,
This is the only way
To build a better day,
So let me hear you say..
Let's burn it all down!
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