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A DR. Balatoni Kalandja (превод на енглески)

  • Извођач: Csaknekedkislány
  • Песма: A DR. Balatoni Kalandja Албум: Na Ná Ba Bám
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превод на енглескиенглески

a dr balatoni kalandjai

the doctor is here
from the far away lake balaton
what a big party they did, i start to tell you
i went with my cat
we were there
we didnt know a single soul
only the owner
she was a beautiful girl
she show me around, she made me meet some people
she is drunk
she is high
i soon got bored of all the faces there
r: in a party at lake balaton
there were a girl
and i argued with her
about who will sleep and in which bed
she wanted the double bed for herself
and for someone else
i leave it to her
when the drinks are out
the fun disappears
i put my cat to sleep
there is nothing left
only going to sleep
but i couldn't sleep
r: in a party at lake balaton
my bed was like
we 2 slept there
in a single place
someone sleeps next to my leg
on the bed there are 2
the girl, who begged
the other is
the house owner, the meek girl
3 am
i cant sleep
neither can they, they really cant
because they are: lesbians
r: in a party at lake balaton
Поставио/ла: Kata BellérKata Bellér У: Уторак, 05/07/2022 - 17:53
Коментари аутора:

sorry if it is bad, i tried🥲


A DR. Balatoni Kalandja

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