Elddansurin (превод на енглески)

Old Norse/Norrønt


Eldr bal bruni
Hyr hiti
Logi seyðir
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превод на енглескиенглески
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The fire dancer

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Fire (the nourisher of life)
Fire bonfire blaze
Flame heat
Logi(Fire)* cooking fire
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Basically different names, aspects and usage of fire,flame,heat,warmth etc.

*Logi In Norse mythology, Logi, Loge (Old Norse "fire") or Hálogi ("High Flame") is a fire jötunn, god and personification of fire. He is son of the ancient jötunn Fornjótr and brother of Ægir (sea jötunn/god) and Kári (jötunn/god of the wind). Logi married fire jötunn/goddess Glöð and she bore him two beautiful daughters—Eisa and Eimyrja.

Logi is often confused with Loki, another deity (this could have happened when Richard Wagner wrote his Ring des Nibelungen operas, in which Loki is a fire demigod (that is, not an áss) and the pun "Loge"/"Lohe" (i.e. Loki/blaze) also appears).


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