En sortant de l'école (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

While Leaving School

While leaving school
We ran into
A large railroad
That led us
All around the earth
In a golden wagon
All around the earth
We ran into
The sea that showed off
All of its shells
Its scented islands
And its beautiful
And its smoked salmon.
Above the sea
We ran into
The moon and the stars
On a sailboat
Departing for Japan
And the three musketeers
with five fingers on their hands
Turning the crank handle of a small submarine
Diving deep down in the seas
To look for sea urchins.
Returning to land
On the railway
We ran into
A house that flew by
Flew all around the earth
Flew all around the earth
Flew before the winter
That wanted to catch us
But we started rolling
Rolling behind winter
And we crushed it
And the house stopped
And spring welcomed us.
It was the crossing-keeper
And it thanked us well
And all the flowers on earth
Suddenly started to grow
To grow indiscriminately
On the railway
That didn’t want to keep going
For fear of ruining them.
So we went back on foot
on foot all around the earth
on foot all around the sea
All around the sun
Around the moon and the stars
On foot, on horseback, by car, and by sailboat.
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En sortant de l'école

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