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Another night

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Fall asleep little on
I promise you tomorrow everything will be better
forget his words forget those gestures that made you suffer
Fall asleep beauty
I know provoking him wasn't what you wanted
I know you love him you didn't do it on purpose
another night
where you're alone, hiding in your bed
where you're hurt and you didn't understand
don't worry I know he loves you too
Why's it always you who finishes in his arms
hopijng he'll forgive you for things you never did
I know one day
you'll forgive him
for believeing it was love
for stealing the childhood you always wanted
Sitting alone in the living room
your dad murmurs his illusions
he believes he's in the right
that he's never seen the bruises on you forehead
but he is so wrong
why is this so normal?
to want to love you back but he never ceases to make you cry
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Encore une nuit

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