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Fado errado (превод на енглески)

  • Извођач: Mariza (Marisa dos Reis Nunes )
  • Песма: Fado errado Албум: Mariza (2018)
  • Преводи: енглески, пољски, шпански
превод на енглескиенглески

Wrong Fado

I've made a mistake, because I've loved you my whole life
I've never ever complaining about this love
Now I'm just so tired
Because I can't find a way
And it's a little too late to let you behind
If someone asks me what were my mistake
I'd answer that I've loved you so much
The culprit is this love which I've got attached with
One mistake after another one
There are mistakes that can't be forgiven
When I've choosen you, I've made a mistake
When I've wanted to live for you, I've made a mistake
I humiliated this passion, I crushed the heart
Whether I did well or not, I don't know
I've followed your eyes, I've made a mistake
And when I've wanted to come back, I've made another one
After it all, I've noticed the mistake belonged to we both
That was just another one that I've found
That slow kiss was a mistake
It made crazy ideas to grow up inside us
It was an error having with us
An accustomed desire
Every time we touched our lips each other
The promiseds we made were mistakes
We should have broken them
After all these errors
Because we both make mistakes
Only God doesn't do this
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"Fado" is a Portugal's traditional musical style.


Fado errado

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