Fikriye (превод на енглески)

Потребна провера


Bir hüzün gibi geldi geçti vuslatımdan,
Şekvacı olmadı yorgun başımdan.
Lezzet-i şinasiydi sunduğu kahve fincanından,
İzmihlâli mümkün değil sızlayan vicdanımdan.
Varsın çeksin bu dimağ, unutmaz seni,
Kimse dolduramadı yürekteki yerini.
Bir kadeh gibi sunmuştun ölümsüz sevgini,
Çaresiz yürek nedendir, bilmedi kadrini.
Terk-i hayat ne der, bilemem amma,
Bir ümmid-i hayaldir buluşmak orada.
Dilerim sübut bulur, kanayan yara da,
Aşk-ı muhabbet biter mi cennet-i alâda.
İçsende bir kadeh hayat iksirinden,
Zamansız ayrıldım, bilinsin Fikriye’den.
Bıkmadım ki doyayım o narin ellerinden,
Ummid-i aşkım saracak onu cefakâr teninden.
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превод на енглескиенглески (commented, metered, poetic, rhyming)
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In my reunion meeting it passes like a sorrow
Twas not querulous in my head forworn
Just like a taste must-know within the coffe cup which she serves
It cannot be perished in my wimperer guts
Let this man hurt, he cannot forget you
No one couldn't fill the place of yours
You just served your eternal love just like a glass
The pathetic heart of mine, couldn't know thy dignities
What shall the quietus say, wouldn't know, but
Tis a dream for me to meet thither
I wish, it was testified, even the bleeding gash
The agape in holy heaven shan't finish
Even If you drink one glass of adam's wine
Untimely I left Fikriye, it must be seen
I'm not tired of thy sweet hands so I wouldn't be satisfied with 'em
My love's hope will snuggle her rugged skin up
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Your God can't help you within my walls. But rest assured, you shall be on your knees
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Twas very difficult to translate into English. Because it contains some of old Turkish (Ottoman) words which cannot be found in dictionaries nor google. I translated this poem in 4 days. One of my friends who is Ottoman language lecturer has helped me, biggest thanks to him and gave him a bottle of rakı :). So guys espically Turks, if you find any mistakes I beg you to let me know. Because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was (is) very important savior in almost everything (literature, science, history, Turkey, etc.)

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