[SOLVED] how do you become a mod?

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Mods are users who are known to be eager to help and try to stay away from issues, committing to the rules. Existing Mods will nominate users and will vote (or not) for proposed names, wherein Admins will always have the final word. Users can also nominate themselves, but this doesn't mean they will ever get a promotion, we consider a lot before making that decision. Every now and then new names pop up and we discuss the alternatives. As the name implies, we need to Moderate, so we need to be balanced not to compromise the whole website.

However, it's more frequent for users to be promoted to Editors and, only then, to Mod. So basically, that's the corporate ladder. To become an Editor? Simply make yourself a name by helping us find mistakes and issues hadn't been tended to already, but this doesn't mean one must clog all the Reporting threads so they'll be given a promotion regardless of how they communicate with others.

You can have all info regarding the higher/Admin-granted roles here