Hello from Brazil!

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Датум придружења: 25.01.2012

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I am not that new in LT, but I had not still introduced myself here, that's why I'm here Regular smile

Well, my name is Lenon and I am from Brazil. I do love languages, my favorite one is English Teeth smile I found LT when I was browsing on the internet, looking for a German/Portuguese song translation... then I found LT and here I am since January Regular smile

Since then, I've been translating some songs that users request (it's not a lot, I almost don't have requests pt/en), I really miss it, because it is quite rare. My favorite Brazilian singer is the beautiful and sweet Paula Fernandes, whose voice is the most beautiful.

To conclude, if you have some Brazilian song that you want to know its meaning, please just request it and I'll do my best to translate it, and feel free to comment because I am always open to get improvement suggestions also Regular smile

Best wishes,

Retired Moderator amoRaЯoma
Датум придружења: 29.06.2011

Bem vindos ao nosso cordão

Moderator sapiens sapiens
Датум придружења: 05.04.2012

Seja bem vindo ao site!! Espero que você goste daqui, boas contribuições!! Teeth smile

Датум придружења: 25.01.2012


Muito obrigado pelas boas vindas, espero ser útil para todos Regular smile

Moderator of the Oceanic Realms
Датум придружења: 22.04.2011

Welcome to LT. Have fun!

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