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Датум придружења: 18.05.2012
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hello! me new!! i'm so very glad to have made an account here!!!!!!! Teeth smile


Hi, vp!
Welcome to LT!

Novice ^^
Датум придружења: 18.05.2012

hi i'm new too wlcome to us lol Tongue smile


Hi vp!

Hi Rym!

Welcome to the site! Regular smile

Novice ^^
Датум придружења: 18.05.2012

thank you ss schneidi you're sweet ^^

Senior Member Japanskrasiva
Датум придружења: 09.03.2012

konnichwa vp:)
Welcome to LT!!

Moderator of the Oceanic Realms
Датум придружења: 22.04.2011

Welcome to LT! Hope your stay here is a pleasant one.

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