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Help With Transcribed Lyrics of this song: "Сто Друзей" by Эдуард Хиль

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Датум придружења: 19.11.2014
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In the song here on this site, Сто Друзей, by Эдуард Хиль there is a line which I'm not sure if the lyrics posted are correct and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what is being said.

The lyrics:
В условный срок не раньше не поздней
Приди…любовь на торжество
Я жду тебя, как сто своих друзей
А если больше тоже ничего


Where the lyrics in that stanza say "Приди... любовь", it sounds like there is another word in between. At first I thought he said "Придите", but I'm not sure. Russian is not my native language, but transcribing and listening to music has helped me develop an ear for the speech. I hope this was posted in the correct section of the forum.

Thank you.

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If I hear it right, he's singing "Приди и ты, любовь, на торжество".

<a href="/sr/translator/sr-serm%C3%A1s" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1313317">Sr. Sermás</a>
Датум придружења: 31.10.2016

Приди ВЕДИ любовь на торжество?

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Датум придружења: 03.03.2017

Там ясно слышно "приди и ты, любовь".

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Датум придружења: 14.12.2018

Я написал на YT автору музыки, может ответит. Он, правда, старенький уже...