Dino Merlin - Fotografija (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески


I've roamed the world
from south to north.
I've worn both hope and fear
in my old suitcase.
I've had plans,
and pictures in frames,
but everything was ruined by
the old photo.
Photo aksamija*
The beg's mosque**
The gang of Bistrik***
With them I'm a Sarajlija****
They offered me all the papers,
psychiatrists to calm me down.
They knew that every night
a part of me dies.
All this is condemned,
as if it is taken by force(from someone).
And nothing has such a shine
like my photo.
Photo aksamija*
The Begova Dzamija**
The jalija of Bistrik***
With them I'm a Sarajlija****
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Коментари аутора:

* "Aksamija" = one who is out during the late afternoon.
"Photo aksamija" would then mean someone who is out taking photographs during that time of the day.

** "Begova dzamija" = a famous mosque in Sarajevo,name literally translated into: "The beg's mosque".

*** "Jalija" = A group of young guys hanging out most of the day,joking around,having activities and just being friends hitting town sometimes,hanging out in the neighbourhood other times,playing sports etc.

**** "Sarajlija" = A person from Sarajevo.



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