Mehmet Erdem - Hepsi Benim Yüzümden (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Everything is because of me

I used to build and crush my dreams pointless and endless
Knowing, but I kept quiet, I thought no, impossible
And then one night I looked at the time, my sleep run away from me*
Everything is because of me
I used to rise castles out of patience pointless and endless
Wanting, but running from my loves obviously all too soon
I was consoling myself with false songs, see, it went away from me
Everything is because of me
Now he grabbed it, they say what do you want from life
And I kept quiet, didn't say that I was watching from far away
It happened again, my eyes filled in again with tears
Everything is because of me
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Коментари аутора:

*elimden literally means "from my hands"

Note: Please, let me know if you notice something not correctly translated, because I am still studying Turkish. Thank you!


Hepsi Benim Yüzümden

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