Dalida - Histoire d'un amour (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Story of a Love

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My story is the story of a love
My complaint is the complaining of two hearts
A novel among many others
That could be yours
So many from here and from elsewhere
It's the flame that enflames without burning
It's the dream that we dream without sleeping
Like a tree that stands
Full of strength and tenderness
Towards the day that is going to come
It's the story of a love,
Eternal and banal,
That brings, every day,
All the good, all the bad
With the hour when we embrace,
The hour when we say our farewells
With the anxious evenings
And the marvelous mornings
My story is the story that one knows
Those who love each other play the same, I know
And betrayed or deep
It's the only song in the world
That will never end.
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According to another source, the correct lyrics to the questioned lines are "Avec l'heure ou l'on s'enlace /Celle où l'on se dit adieu."

This is a good song.


Histoire d'un amour