Youthful Praise - I Will Give You Praise (превод на шпански)


I Will Give You Praise

For the Lord reigns and He is our King
And with one voice, His praises we�ll send
Come before him with hearts filled with gladness
Emanuel the lord is with us
For to know Him, is to love him
And to love Him, is to serve Him
With my whole heart, I will bless him
(and for all my days) I will give you the praise
Blessings and glory honor and praise
Be unto you o� ancient of days
O, o, o, o (repeat)
Lord, you reign
Lord, your praise
For all, my days
I�ll bless you,
I�ll praise you
(And for all my days) I will give you the praise
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Thank you so much. This is much appreciated.

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превод на шпански

Te alabare

Porque el Señor reina y es nuestro Rey
Y a una voz cantos elevar
Vengan a El con accion de gracias
Emanuel Dios es con nosotros
Para conocerle y amarle
Amarle y servirle
Con mi corazon, le bendecire
Y por todos mi dias, Le alabare
Poder y gloria honor y alabanza
Sean a ti el Anciano de dias
Señor tu reinas
Señor eres grande
Por todos mis dias
Te bendecire
Te alabare
(Y por todos mis dias) Te Alabaré
Поставио/ла: Abby_rw У: Уторак, 28/06/2011 - 06:17
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