down under

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Meanings of "down under"


Met 'down under' wordt Australië bedoelt. Voor Amerikanen/Europeanen ligt Australië als het ware aan de onderkant van de globe.

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It's correct. 'Down under' is other manner to say 'Australia', but in this song [Sixteen years old] the idea is "beneath" ( abajo, debajo ). - H-8 Пре 1 година

A "down under" több jelentésű: lent, déli félteke, valamint Ausztráliát szokták így becézni. A szövegkörnyezetből derül ki melyik jelentés a legrelevánsabb.

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на другом конце света; в Австралии, в Новой Зеландии.

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"down under" in lyrics

Mahmood - Golden

[Verse 3: Feid & Mahmood]
Get it, woah (Golden)
We started from down under and now we're here (yeah)
I always look fresh without wearing jeans (jeans)

Winx Club (OST) - Sirenix English

It's a rush of wonder
I can fly
Swimming deep down under
I feel the wave of transformation

Iosonouncane - Flocks

Will fall on the shore,
You are on the shore
For lying me down under the sun.

Men at Work - Down Under

You better run, you better take cover.

Living in a land down under
where women glow and men plunder.

Bukahara - Happy

Your're still hiding in the park
You look so happy when you're down, down, down
Under the trees where you wont be found

Grégory Lemarchal - From Time to Time

From time to time
I crack down under the weight of hope
I sometimes go the opposite way

Kids Learning Tube - The States of Australia Song

that you’ll learn with ease

We’re down under
in Australia

Morcheeba - Sounds Of Blue

Last breath in, closed eyes
Nose hold, equalize
Pulling down under, bound
Descending deep ending

J Balvin - Under the Moon

Make love to me like you'll hate me
And kiss me like you'll miss me
Leave only your imprint in my bed
And the sheets should burn in flames

Duman - Under the Bridge

Under the old bridge
Without nobody seeing us
Let’s lie down under the moonlight
Under the old bridge

Cántica Cuarteto - Romance of the Black Sorrow

Down under the river sings:
a flounce of sky and leaves.

Sisyphus: The Myth (OST) - Fight For Love (Aria for Myth)

Up in the shining sky,
Down under burning Earth
I believe, I believe

Cartoon Songs - Tazmania

Welcome to the land that's way under, down under,
the sky's always yellow in the rain or shine...

Down in Taz-Mania,

The Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb

Under my thumb
The girl who once had me down
Under my thumb
The girl who once pushed me around

Bravo (Russia) - It is a sunrise outside the window

It is a sunrise outside the window, it is towns in spring
It is a lone light, carrying along
It is only you and I who are somewhere Down Under
Setting in the sky balloons.

Sponge Cola - Jeepney

But now your gone (now gone)
Separated ways with me (separated)
I remember the nights when we laid down under the sky
I remember the nights when we were together beside in the rain

Mario Benedetti - The south exists too

the north is who rules.

But here down under
near the roots

Knorkator - THE WAY 'DOWN UNDER'

Then I know, I've dug too far!

Show me the way 'down under'
I hate the daytime,

Sufle - Under the Bridge

Under the old bridge
Let nobody see us
Let's lay down under the silver moon
Under the old bridge

Hadestown (Musical) - Way Down Hadestown

Way down under the ground
Way down under the ground
Way down under the ground