get out of hand

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Idiomatic translations of "get out of hand"

يخرج عن السيطرة
aus dem Ruder laufen
دستِ من نیست
A scăpa de sub control
मामला हाथ से निकल जाना।

Meanings of "get out of hand"


To become unmanageable.

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To get out of control

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Εκτός ελέγχου

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از کنترل خارج شدن

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Fugir do controle. Quando uma situação, algo ou alguém se torna difícil de administrar.

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"get out of hand" in lyrics

Paraziții - Anti-(Corrupt)Cops

You kinda don't know what's the consumer's
Ya wanker, you kinda get out of hand
And here we find ourselves all tied up in

Stray Kids - Ssick

Come on
Everybody look at me

Smile with a smirk like ssick

Çiğdem Erken - The Song Which Makes The World Stop

Next year in these times we will get out of here hand in hand
(It will surely happen) with a little patience, with a little patience
Next year in these times we will start living from the very beginning
(It will surely happen) with a little patience, with a little patience

Amir - States of Love

At least forget the words that hold us back
Let's get out of here before the cup is full 1
Take my hand again2

  • 1. This means "before things go to far / get out of hand"
  • 2. Literally the line is "Take the hand again, I mean mine." but this is an usual way of saying it in English.

Deolinda - One against the other

Come on, turn off the cable
which links the life to this game.
Play with me a new game
with two lives, one against the other.


But what I really wanna do is learn to handle my thoughts
And put the reins on 'em, show 'em I'm the one that's the boss
And pull 'em back when they get out of hand, I'm breakin' they jaws
I'm takin' the flaws, that told me I could never evolve

Amazarashi - Philosophy

In order to protect myself, I hold my weakness like a shield.
I never let up my defences, until the day that weakness turns into power.
If my modesty and humility get out of hand, they’ll all head for the fields.
If my humiliation would be destroyed, then the weakness they mocked will crush the tower.

Jesus Christ Superstar (Musical) - The Last Supper

Every time I look at you I don't understand
Why you let the things you did get so out of hand
You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned -

Jesus Christ Superstar (Musical) - Superstar

Every time I look at you
I don't understand
Why you let the things you did get so out of hand
You'd have managed better if you'd had it planned

maNga - I came nude

My dreams keep continue life time but my disappointment took just my one night.
Lies couldn't possess my mind ,I never get out of hand.

Inhaler - My Honest Face

I could be a killer, gonna get you whacked
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, in the bag
And you have to get up to try and get out of hand
It's all working out just like I planned

Wanna One - we are

yeah, we're running, time's wasting away
we got no worries, keep going up
when you face me and take my hand
this light won't burn out

Rubel - High School

It rings
The noisy school bell
Where two bells toll
They tried to hide themselves

Carly Rae Jepsen - Heartbeat

[Verse 1]
Thinking that I need you to go now
'Cause this could really get out of hand (Oh, wow)
I’m hiding things I don't wanna show now (Oh, wow)

Violetta (OST) - Friendship code

Everything is important and vital (Elementary)
Among us there are small details
Nothing we can get out of hand

Alizée - Lace War

It’s the law of the jungle
Voodoo doll, stuck with pins
Among girls things get out of hand

Hülya Avşar - Oh my beautiful

Mothers do their daughter's throne,not their fate
Come to your senses! Go,both love and be loved
I went out from many fires,it's not in my hand
Get out of this love,remove me from your life

The Score - Best Part

I just wanna say I'm sorry
Some days I know get out of hand
I wish that I was anybody else

Alina Baraz - Maybe

What can I say when I now you're not here to stay
I can't explain something I dont understand...
Why did I let this get out of hand
Maby I'll get you out of my head

Volbeat - Maybe I Believe

Freedom our souls demand
Never to get out of hand
I can no longer feel