Out of sync

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Meanings of "Out of sync"



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Χωρίς συγχρονισμό

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Sin sincronizar

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"Out of sync" in lyrics

Irama - The girl with a tin heart

It's so easy to make love, I reckon,
But less so to love a fragile person.
Linda grew up with her heart beating out of sync,
But now there's one more heart beating in her womb

Miranda! - Gift

I must calm myself and play the game that you propose.
I let my guard down, I welcome you and I wrap myself in your skin.
Destiny has spoken to me, hearts out of sync
Your words level me and stop me from falling

Paradis - Mirror (One)

But they force things on me that I can't relate to
To be something I didn't think I could
Out of sync, I look for ways to escape
Tell myself stories

CUT_ - Out Of Touch

I'm out of sync with you
I'm out of touch
I'm out of sync with you
Oh-woah, oh, oh-woah, oh

Ohashi Trio - Polaris

starting from the heartbeat presentation.
I want to see you now,
Our reasons out of sync.
It's this moment never let it go.

Sayuri - It's Like A Small Light

The clocks in any room
Are slightly out of sync
We’re spinning cogs,

Sueyoshi Shūta - Byoushin Re:time

You told a small lie I could not recognize the truth’s meaning
and gentleness I am too weak
Mismatched two hearts are being out of sync
Tick Tock the clock does not progress

Sakanaction - When I regained my sight, I saw in indigo blue

I told lies that were like the stains on my school uniform and cried
I was told things I wanted to know yet didn't want to know, and cried
I looked for lights overlapping out of sync that were indigo blue, or rather, other shades of blue

Russ - Aint Nobody Takin My Baby

No matter what tho I stayed put
Till it wasn't funny anymore like Dane cook
Out of sync out of touch, I should probably give it up but
I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll fight for what I love

Oomph! - Tick Tock

My heart is pounding
Just one more step and I'll fall
Everything around me is spinning and falling out of sync

Annett Louisan - All this would never have happened

I'm nude but my boots are still on,
My senses have yet to return.
[lit. "are all out of sync."]

Flavia Fortunato - Wait for me every evening

Wait for me every night!
I without you…
I'm out of sync!
I without you ... (x3)

Irwin Goodman - Poing poing poing

if you frolic with me for a while
Now the heart jumps into the throat
it beats out of sync like crazy

Leprous - I Lose Hope

Feeling like it all falls down
Out of sync

SpongeBOZZ - Payback #forsundiego

For even someone like Fler has a better vibe these days
You keep frontin' all over Germany, massive Fler diss distruction
But your flow's out of sync like cardiac arrythmia
Drop that rap battle shit! Do the urbane fur coat shit

Detective Conan (OST) - Stop the world

Watching you, after you finally fell asleep, our breaths evening out
As I noticed our breaths slowly growing out of sync, my chest contracted

Mads Langer - Between The Lines

My world is slowly turning
Out of sync
All the while I realize that there's no winner

The Go-Go's - Head Over Heels

No time to think
Looks like
The whole world's out of sync...

Spinvis - Days of grass, days of straw

days of straw

dance out of sync
as well as you can

Janna - A difficult one, but the right one

Let's talk seriously about relationships
The planets are orbiting crookedly
Frequencies are little out of sync
We're on our way to easier times