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Out of sync

Поставио/ла: SoPink У: 2016-08-16

Meanings of "Out of sync"



објасио/ла SoPinkSoPink , Уторак, 16/08/2016 - 05:01
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Χωρίς συγχρονισμό

објасио/ла SoPinkSoPink , Среда, 17/08/2016 - 18:45
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Sin sincronizar

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"Out of sync" in lyrics

Odezenne - Hardcore

We were hard-headed
I was going to close
We were out-of-sync

Ville Valo - Loveletting

Two heartbeats out of sync with each other and crying
Dreaming of love-letting love
Two heartbeats out of sync with one another and dying
Dreaming of love-letting love

Paradis - Mirror (One)

But they force things on me that I can't relate to
To be something I didn't think I could
Out of sync, I look for ways to escape
Tell myself stories

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (OST) - Take a Look at Us Now

It's time to polish up those scales, and give it all you got

If you're out of step, If you're out of sync
If you care too much what those critics think

Irama - The girl with a tin heart

It's so easy to make love, I reckon,
But less so to love a fragile person.
Linda grew up with her heart beating out of sync,
But now there's one more heart beating in her womb

Fandroid - Bendy and the ink machine

Presented in Sillyvision

Bendy was a villain out of sync
Now he’s off the page and he’s on the brink

CUT_ - Out Of Touch

I'm out of sync with you
I'm out of touch
I'm out of sync with you
Oh-woah, oh, oh-woah, oh

MINHO - Choice

Anxiety runs away from me
When slowing down one tempo
Bad thing out of sync
Beat looking for a place

Mot (Russia) - Accidents Aren't Accidental

And chance will teach us
What if “tomorrow” is already out of sync
In the would of our rooms, there is nothing

The National - Slow show

Everything I love gets lost in drawers
I want to start over, I want to be winning
Way out of sync from the beginning

Ninomiya Yui - Dark Seeks Light

Snarling about unequal lives
Secretly out of sync flic-flac
The “hero of justice” is frenzied

Lena Katina - Mono

Remember that in every universe I believed in you
All my music is in mono, when love is not in stereo
Thoughts and heart are out of sync, everything we did
All my music is in mono, when love is not in stereo

Radiant Records - Bad Apple

Is this world a wicked dream? How real is it?
Is it pain I am feeling? Or is it something else unpleasant?
I can't tell, my mind and spirit are out of sync with each other.

Sayuri - It's Like A Small Light

The clocks in any room
Are slightly out of sync
We’re spinning cogs,

Roozbeh Nematollahi - breath, breath

Wow, we're out of sync with each other
Distant and incredulous in this desolation
The lump in my throat won't dissipate with tears
I yearn to forget you, but it's impossible

Leprous - I Lose Hope

Feeling like it all falls down
Out of sync

The Amazing World of Gumball (OST) - Out of Sync

And now we're out of sync
(We're out of sync)
'Cause we're much too far apart

Ohashi Trio - ポラリス

Our reasons out of sync
It's this moment never let it go

Ohashi Trio - Polaris

starting from the heartbeat presentation.
I want to see you now,
Our reasons out of sync.
It's this moment never let it go.

Russ - Aint Nobody Takin My Baby

No matter what tho I stayed put
Till it wasn't funny anymore like Dane cook
Out of sync out of touch, I should probably give it up but
I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll fight for what I love