Throw away- throw out

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Meanings of "Throw away- throw out"


ينبذ -يتخلص من-يهدر

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"Throw away- throw ..." in lyrics

2Pac - Sucka For Love & Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Lej Edit)

[Verse 1: 2pac]
I shoulda seen
You was trouble right from the start, taught me so many lessons
How not to mess with broken hearts, so many questions


[Intro: Cro]
(Oh no)
(Oh no)

Pera - Cry

You asked for a spring; tell me if it's autumn now?
My heart has turned black from white
I was waiting for summers while holding your hands
How badly I'm feeling chilly because of this frost

Back-On - Chain

Time to break the chain, no pain, don’t be afraid
But even if the days are the same old, same as always, the clock continues to revolve, it’s okay
A dried-up scene
Continually repeating the same impossible equation every day

M'dee - A lot of you

Get out of my dreams
I'm begging you, listen
I am good with you

Mina - Fly into my heart

It's impossible,
I'm not there -
It's too stupid
what you do.

Kim Jaejoong - Just another girl

Time after time,
everything is my fault
And don’t ask me why
since I can’t see right now

Inuyasha (OST) - Dearest

It would be nice if we could put away and throw out
everything except what really mattered, but
reality is just cruel.

Die Toten Hosen - Get up, when you're on the Ground

If you‘re finished with yourself
don‘t want to go on anymore

FTIsland (F.T. Island) - Paradise

How you feel How you feel
Landscape with snow
Are you here Are you here
I know it's not a dream.

Implant Pentru Refuz - Sunset

You asked me for too long to find an answer,
A sun has set.
I gave you everything I had but you forgot,
To be the way I wanted you to.

Wink - Lady Doll of Eternity ~Voyage, voyage~

Like you throw away your worn out toys
You let me go
On the corner of afternoon streets
A screw of tears is twirling around

Cookies (Hong Kong band) - Party Animal

I should throw away the worn-out sneakers tonight
Wearing stilettos, and showing my beautiful legs
Body smelling like perfume, all the men at the venue will obey
Tired of drinking water, want to get drunk tonight,ha ha

Gökhan Türkmen - Great Human

throw, hurl love away, throw it somewhere
consider finished, put the pain away then sleep
ask, ask everyone, pains are forgotten
it's not wiped out when you cry

The Beautiful South - Don’t Marry Her (Fuck Me)

Think of you with pipe and slippers
Think of her in bed
Laying there just watching telly
Think of me instead

Pepe Aguilar - Fear

It's been so long
since I knew anything about you...
At last I find myself
face to face

Biagio Antonacci - Vicky Love

I think like you...
Vicky is your fills my house..
While you throw away things out of wardrobe ...which I don't use any more!!!
And a weeping which often takes drives me crazy...

Apulanta - Not Today

[Verse 1]
I would like to walk you home
If you still remember that you just
Called me

Die Streuner - A farmer wanted to get up early

A farmer wanted to get up early
And go out into his field

Ceca - I passed good

The taste of danger and the moment of weaknesses
in myself i'm telling you sorry
Maybe i wanted more than reality
But that doesn't make me innocent