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in this together

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Idiomatic translations of "in this together"

i samme båd
енглески #1, #2

Meanings of "in this together"


We are "in this together", suggests collective responsibility or a fate we all are going to share.

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"in this together" in lyrics

DADARAY - Suburbs

That girl
She got dumped, too
We're all in this together
Cheers to being abandoned!

ZOMBIES 2 (OST) - Flesh & Bone

Oh oh oh oh
Of a new generation
It's now or never, we're in this together
We'll fight through the highs and the lows

ABBA - I Still Have Faith in You

And we know that we need one another
Like fighters in a ring!
We're in this together:
Passion and courage

ABS-CBN - We Will Always Be Here For Each Other

Fear shall not defeat us.
Times may get tough but we’re all in this together.
Together we will face everything.

High School Musical (OST) - We're All In This Together

Know inside
We can make it
We're all in this together
Once we see

Acid Angel from Asia - Generation

La, la-la, la, la-la, la, la-la

We’re here in this together, the way it's disordered
The décadence is where it’s at, I jump inside, generation

ITZY - Domino

You and me, we ain’t falling
We’re in this together, we endure it
Like a domino domino

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam (OST) - Can't Back Down

Don't close your eyes
We're all in this together
Wherever we draw the line

Dschinghis Khan - We're all in this together

We're all in this together - la dee la dee o-kay
We're all in this together - la dee la dee o-kay

The Smile - Free In The Knowledge

I talk to the face in the mirror
But he can't get through
Turns out we're in this together
Both me and you

Tom MacDonald - Coronavirus

It's a ghost town
We're in this together
They're closing all the stores down

David Guetta - This One's for You (Official Song UEFA EURO 2016™)


We're in this together (we're in this together)
Hear our hearts beat together

SUPER JUNIOR - House Party

Perhaps we’re paying a heavy price for the past days of freedom

We do what we need to do, we’re all in this together
The belief that we can overcome it, oh my god!

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Season 2 (OST) - 1-2-3

[Bridge: Dara Reneé & Sofia Wylie]
All my ladies in this together (All my ladies in this)
No more solo, three do it better (Three do it better)

New Model Army - Vagabonds

(Kicking out behind us)

We are old, we are young, we are in this together
Vagabonds and children, prisoners forever

Saint Asonia - Sirens

This is not the end
Are you listening?
We're all in this together
Nothing lasts forever

Spinal Tap - The Majesty of Rock

The farmer takes a wife
The barber takes a pole
We're in this together...and ever...

Darin - Can't Stop Love

You brighten my days just like the sun
When everything around is like stormy weather
We always survive ‘cause we’re in this together

Ellie Goulding - In This Together

And connect the dots to our problems
I can hear the whole world sing, "We're in this together"
"We're in this together"
Ah-ooh, ooh

Lord of the Lost - Forevermore

We'll be writing history, we'll be living without fear

Forevermore we're in this together
Forever day and night