yana yana

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Idiomatic translations of "yana yana"

سوختم سوختم

Meanings of "yana yana"


For example, 'yana yana sevmek', literally meaning to love somebody while burning. It basically means that you love someone so much, so intensely, and so passionately that you would love them even as you were burning, or you would burn because of your fiery love for them. It's quite hard to explain because there is really no equivalent to it in English, but you get the idea.

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To put it shortly, it means "in burning desire". (I say "in" since it is technically an adverb) - YaBoiAycha Пре 12 months

αγαπάω κάποιον πάρα πολύ

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It's actually not an idiom but it's a reiterative. It gives the meaning of "by burning"

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