Lucio Battisti - Il nostro caro angelo (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Our Dear Angel

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The den of the lion
is still reality
to escape from there is impossible for us
it's a slogan, a lie
Our dear angel
feeds on roots and then
it sleeps in the bushes under the trees
but it will never be a slave
The mirrors for larks
useless now shine on the ground
like prostitutes who, in the night, sell
a basket of a gay love that love is never
Fear and alienation
and not what you say
wrinkles have too many centuries now
we can no longer make-up them
our dear angel
is young, you know it
the nets preclude its open flight
but it never gives up
cathedrals darken
its white wings, white they seem no more
But our aspirations filter the dark
bright tracers point the blue out to it
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I add this video which is an extended version


Il nostro caro angelo

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