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Lavagirl текст

Girl, you drive me crazy and I know that you don't hate me, but
Pull up in Mercedes, you can be my lil' baby girl
Please don't try to play me, think about you on the daily
White girl and her name is Hailey, tryna get you to have my baby, girl
You can be my Lavagirl, we can go and save the world
When the mission's over, got you layin' on my shoulder
Money green just like a clover, got her body movin' slower
Ride out till our time is over
She got superpowers, but I know she want a piece of me
Name a better duo, I'm just fiendin' all your energy
We can hit the carnival, I knew this sh*t was meant to be
All my other exes live in Texas, they got sick of me
Saw you on the 'Gram and I just had to say wassup
Tryna see you drop it low, I'm tryna see you pick it up
Got this gas all in my blunt, girl, yeah, you hotter than the sun
When I'm feelin' really down, you know how to cheer me up
Love her pink long hair, love the way you do not care
Girl, you different, nothin' like those other girls, I need you to listen
We be kissin', we be kissin' every day and every night
Tryna f*ck, I'm tryna cuff, I'm tryna get you to be mine


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