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превод на енглески


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Is this salty breeze what burns my throat ? Or those Words you pronounced ,were filled with pain?
Desrespectfull night creat a fog begin to creep around the beach at night
One after one all dreams/hopes ,fell off the cliff
It's hard to believe what you've done
This is all about you being stubborn persistence unwilling to admit defeat
Can you believe, without you, nothing pass true my throat , I can't even eat Piece of bread , or sip a drop of water
You could have, at least, stayed till the figs grow rip on the tree
You could have, at least, fulfilled / held one of the many promises,
While you were taking me unaware like that
You could have, at least, put my heart in your suitcase Since You're Leaving Anyway .
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(salty breeze ) not sandy or dusty ,



Sciera    Петак, 11/11/2016 - 08:08

This was added as a transliteration; I've re-categorized it to being an English translation.