İzmir'de Bir Gün Batımı (превод на енглески)

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A Sunset In İzmir

I don't want another city anymore,
You are the sun of my heart my İzmir
Everyone is in love with magic of Kordon,
The apple of my eye,my dearest İzmir
How nice a sunset in İzmir is through ambling
A sunset in İzmir,wandering around Kordon
The blue waves play with each other in the gulf
Free seagulls glide on it,ah
Hides numerous beauties in its chest
The apple of my eye,my dearest İzmir
Let me wander around Karşıyaka,
Let me look at admiringly from Kadifekale
Let me sacrifice myself for God giving you
The apple of my eye,my dearest İzmir
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İzmir'de Bir Gün Batımı

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