Jim Morrison - I Miss My Boy


I Miss My Boy

And at this point we hear
The girls return from summer balls
Let's steal the eye that sees us all
Then a car passes
you know
Then a car passes
My friend is just... you know.
you know
And I miss my boy
Then we hear all these horns honking
Then we hear all these horns honking in the rhythm
Da da da-da-da. Da da da-da-da
in the rhythm
Da da da da da
in the rhythm
in the calm lonely
far out languid afternoon
in the rhythm
And sirens, distant, approaching.
(How we doin' on time?)
(How we doin' on time?)
(I'm trying to get as much as i can)
One more thing
Hey man you want girls
Pills grass
This place has everything
come on
I show you good time.
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