Juan Son - mermaid sashini


mermaid sashini

Spending time with octopus
where nothing come alone
Every morning when I see you
You could be my lovely love
Semitone, semitone again
Don´t get alarm
If you ask me to be honest
I think we should really work
With your obnoxious depression
And communication skills
It´s ok it´s ok
Don´t be alarm
Don´t be alarm
And of course if we work hard enough
We could go to the places we have
Always dream
Like that cocktail we saw on…
We saw on the televisión
Even thou you are so artsy
But still you like to watch
And I know it cause I know
I like can tell
I know it´s not so cool
I like can tell
You are what you believe you are
A human ocean traveler
But don´t trip
My leg turned into tentacles so
Black and pink
It´s hard for me
I´m not so frightened
No one other thinks
No one other thinks
No one other thinks
Oxygen at least
Someone in the deep
Ocean understands
That life down here
Depedns on someone
That doesn´t suppose to make
Mermaid sashimi
My propeller hits like
Even though the right don´t
Come to feeling
As son as…
I need ox… I need oxygen
Spending time with octopus
Even those not common
Stealing fishes from the pet shop
Cause my friend still pick fish
Semitone semitone again
Don´t get alarm
What a bopely experience
We can have from time to time
Even tough we´re really Friendly
You can be the swimming one
semitone semitone again
don´t get alarm
fieldtrip to the chocolate factor
fieldtrip to the slaughter house
fieldtrip to darkness places
you can hold up in your mind
your philosophy your poetry
your beautiful come back
even thou you don´t have feelings
i´m obsessed with you right now
And I know, and I know
you are, you are, you are
and every morning you shine
but last trip
it turned my legs into tentacles
black and pink
and hopefully I´m not offended
no one other thinks
no one other thinks
no one other thinks
oxygen at least someone in the deep
ocean understands
that life dawn here depends one someone
that doesn´t suppose to make mermaid sashimi
a propeller, nanorobots,
propacific´s, current
deck for rolling come
from felling lovely songs
(what´s up)
Semitone, semitone again
Don´t get alarm
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