Harlej - Kapitán Morgan (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Captain Morgan

So bye,
The sun is shining
And the wind is rushing.
Through the sails from
And I'm lazy,
So very lazy,
So bring me to us.
Let me sleep.
Today he is commanding this ship,
He who created this riot in the brain.
Salesmen of mad dogs,
Curtisans who offer love.
Our party ship, burns,
We are pirates of seven seas.
Who does not go with the captain
Ends up wrong at the bottom like a stone.
It's like a dream
With Captain Morgan,
The king of the sea, the master of the oceans.
All night and day
With Captain Morgan,
We will arrive in the harbor until morning.
The orchestra plays the rhythm
Tubes, bagpipes and drums playing.
I play cards, I drink rum,
Maybe we will become sleeping gums.
On my face,
I'm waving the white flag to heaven
My head hurts, my lung burns
This sail is going to lead us back.
From the wooden deck,
Already beating the flames,
The orchestra plays quiet.
Our ship sinks,
But it does not bother us,
I will be the last captain on board
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Kapitán Morgan

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