Mickey 3D - La France a peur (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

France is afraid

I switch on my TV
I see a smartly dressed little guy
He tells me it’s dreadful
That it’s best to not to go out
That if I want to feel OK
And for my safety too
Well, I’d better stay home
Today I’ve no choice
I tell myself it’s cold out
That’s perhaps he’s right
He looks so serious look despite his stupid appearance
France is afraid
Every evening at eight
The police talk to you
Every evening at eight
France is afraid
(Oh Oooooooh)
Every evening at eight
(Oh Oooooooh)
The police talk to you
(Trust us)
Every evening at eight
And then they get this guy to talk
Who doesn’t seem short of a bob or two
He tells me that if I want to breathe easy
Well, I’d better vote for him
Take my party membership card
Slip him a few notes
He tells me that if the air is polluted
If the French are stressed
That’s the fault of the immigrants, the tramps and the queers
France is afraid…
Well, listen closely my little friend
You, sitting enthroned on the TV
If one day you’re freezing to death
Don’t come knocking at my door
And if one day by misfortune
The fascists take power
Tell yourself that it’s not the fault
Of all the people who think gloomy thoughts
In any case don’t worry yourself
They’re sure to have a nice little place
For you somewhere
You’ll have really shot your mouth off
You’ll have really shot your mouth off
France is afraid…
Hi it’s PPD here and I’m gonna tell 1
You a funny story
So, right you see in Sudan there are
150,000 dead, but we don’t give
A toss about Sudan because there’s
Germaine here and she’s cut her finger
And that hurts like hell, cutting your
Finger, and there’s Marcel, he make shoes
out of wood, they’re so cool
Wooden shoes 2
So you see the guys dying in
Sudan, we don’t give a toss, but
So there, nothing doing, we don’t give a
  • 1. Allusion to Patrick Poivre D'Arvor - archetypal inconsequential TV Twat
  • 2. Typical vacuous human interest news to keep the mind off the real horrors
Поставио/ла: Gavin У: Понедељак, 25/09/2017 - 15:30
Коментари аутора:

The title relates to the 1976 broadcast of a news item relating to the Patrick Henry affair - the kidnapping and murder of an 8 year old child. However the general theme of the song could not be more relevant today.



La France a peur

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petit élève    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 03:34

Oh yes, I know this one and I just love it.

it’s best to not to out -> did you mean "it's best not to go out" or "it's best not to out" ? Wink smile

I’ve no choice -> is that a typo on "I've got no choice", or can you really do without "got" ?

sous ses allures de pauvre con -> "sous ses allures" is not really about clothes, more like "his appearence" (the first impression he makes)
(sous ses allures de gros dur c'est un gentil gars)

police talk to you -> talks ?

Aillez confiance -> "ailler" actually exists, it means "rub with garlic", but I don't think the idea was to make confidence smell of garlic Regular smile

et des pédés -> definitely an homophobic slur, more like fags

crève de froid -> that's idiomatic and a bit stronger : freeze (to death) or something

par malheur -> more like "by misfortune"

ne t'en fait pas -> another typo in the original

shot your mouth off -> nice! I didn't know that one

PPD -> I've been keeping clear of TV for a few decades now, but I suspect that's an allusion to PPDA (Patrick Poivre D'Arvor, everybody just called him PPDA), the archetype of the newsreaders the song is about (and a prize twat indeed, if I ever saw one).

et y'a Marcel il fait des chaussures
En bois, c'est vachement joli les
Chaussures en bois -> that alludes to the news being filled with insignificant reports on phoney characters from the French heartland, but I suppose you've got your share of those on what remains of BBC's former glory...

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 04:55
petit élève wrote:

PPD -> I've been keeping clear of TV for a few decades now, but I suspect that's an allusion to PPDA (Patrick Poivre D'Arvor, everybody just called him PPDA), the archetype of the newsreaders the song is about (and a prize twat indeed, if I ever saw one).

Lol I suppose that every nation has a TV "prize twat" of its own. Wink smile

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 10:01

It's a fiercely competitive field. So many contenders and the standard these days is so high! Wink smile

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 10:12

Thought that might be up your street! :-)

Many thanks - I've corrected a few things.

I've no choice - That's me being British, we tend to avoid adding 'got' unless essential. Like in the third person singular when using a contraction.
"He's a cat" is obviously "he is a cat" so would have to say "he has a cat" or "he's got a cat"

Yes as Brat says we tend to use "Police" as a group noun. We're not very consistent in this sort of thing. Probably varies each side of the Atlantic.

Ha! I just copied Aillez - I take it it should be "Ayez" then :-)

I wondered who PPD might be. Yeah we have a surfeit of twats like that. But Piers Morgan comes to mind. ;-)

I'm British remember - fags are cigarettes. ;-)

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 11:10

"ailler" actually exists, it means "rub with garlic"

I have to ask...
In the kitchen, if I was cooking chicken could I say:
Pardon, il faut que j'aille ailler les ailes
Teeth smile Teeth smile Teeth smile

petit élève    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 12:16

Le pire eut été que vous vous et vos ailés alliés alliez ailler ces ailes dans l'Allier, allez...

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 12:36

Ohlalalalala... J'ai la tête qui tourne maintenant! Regular smile

petit élève    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 13:08

Et encore, ça serait pire si ces alliés étaient des ailiers trop zélés.

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 13:43

oui, tout le monde nous dirait "allez ailler ces ailes ailleurs!"

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 14:28

Oh lordy I see what's going on there - A-Z with a pun on each letter. I'm getting flashbacks to l'ami caouette! Wink smile

I can make out about 50%-60% by ear. I'll keep listening....

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 04:46

Police is plural when used vith verbs. Wink smile

petit élève    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 06:11

Ah d*mn. These weird English plurals are really not my forte.

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 04:50

I’ve no choice - sometimes they say it this way; I suppose it's normal in spoken English, especially having in mind that immigrants tend to simplify English. Wink smile

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 09:23

The got is really not necessary - It sounds rather American to my ear to add 'got' here. Not that there's anything wrong with American English - It's just not my version. :-)

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 05:05

Rather a good song, indeed. And a pretty comprehendible one, as for my ear. Wink smile

petit élève    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 05:59

the last stanza has a bit of basic vulgar spoken French in it, but the rest is mostly casual with a handful of common slang words.

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 07:27

It's, therefore, useful for those who are studying French. Wink smile

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 10:15

Good isn't it :-)

If I may - "Comprehendible" => "Comprehensible".

Although it's not very common in the positive. The negative "incomprehensible" is used quite a bit though.

Understandable/easy to understand - far more usual :-)

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 14:43

Yes, Sir! I should straighten a little my wedding finger in order it not to press "d" instead of "s". Regular smile If I may, of course. Teeth smile

Gavin    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 14:54

Yes, one would find that most agreeable! Wink smile

Brat    Уторак, 26/09/2017 - 15:02

Yes, Sir! And it would be also nice to correct my squint. Teeth smile