Nanowar of Steel - Lamento erotico (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Erotic Lament

I languish inside with the bold desire,
To be subjected (to lie) in the regal rooms
To make gift, there, of my bird
To her who makes vivacious dances;
The movements of her, even so chaste
Have awoken into me the ancient passion
That in long pederast nights
I hid inside me with great sorrow
There I sing, my friends, of an epic pornography
Of my lord and of his company
He wants no more to be pederast, and so be it!
Young scions, they're never been lacking
For summers and winters, days and nights
They visited my thalamus
To rejoice at suckings and wet kisses
Those deeds belong now to past (ages)
And still I look at them with great disdain
Too many have ventured inside me
My back is flesh, wood at all!
There I sing, my friends, an epic pornography
Of my lord and of his company
Lovers have consumed him, but he's taken a different path
I look at my beloved and I smile to her
Holding out my knight hand
She answers with a groan, perhaps a shout
And she licks it, much to my pleasure
I lay her down on my bed, I caress her (hair)
The wrong way, without haste
I untie her collar - what a great piece:
What a joy to make love with the little bitch!
There I sing, my friends, an epic pornography
Of my lord and of his company
His love has blossomed, he'll devote himself to zoophilia
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Added in reply to request by Sciera
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(*), (**): see comments below.


Lamento erotico

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Sciera    Понедељак, 26/12/2011 - 14:49

Hey thanks for the translation! Didn't think anyone would do that anymore.

Guest    Уторак, 27/12/2011 - 22:29

You're welcome.

Guest    Субота, 31/12/2011 - 21:34

Stange lyrics....Here are a couple of grammatical corrections:

1. In the first stanza: "Have awaken into me" should be "Have awakened in me"
2. In the first stanza: "I hid inside me a with great sorrow" -- omit the indefinite article "a"
3. In the bridge: "There I sing, my friends, an epic pornography" -- I think you need to say, "I sing...of an epic pornography"
4. In the chorus:
a. and be it so! should be "and so be it!"
b. "but he's took a different path" - Here "he's" would mean "he has" -- if you intend the simple past then use "he took" ; otherwise it is "he's taken"
c. I do not know what "flompini" and "sdrufolotti" mean, but "bloffings" and "winkries" are not English words.
d. "Those deeds belong now to the pasts" -- should be "past" not "pasts"
e. I can't figure out this line: "The back of mine is flesh, wood at all!" -- perhaps something like: My back is made of flesh, definitely not wood!"

Guest    Понедељак, 02/01/2012 - 12:17

Thank you so much, it's really very kind from you. I can no more edit the text so I add here further comments about:

(*) you have suggested to me that "awoken" turns to be a bit "old fashioned" in comparison to the nowaday use of "awakened": as a matter of facts, this lyrics pretends to sound like an old-style chivalry poetry style (see the page of the italian text for the reference: a parody of the song Heroic Lament), so, despite my "mistake", I'd let it so.

(**) Those words in italic type seems to be formally untranslatable from Italian and I've tried to "reproduce" the same idea: "flompini" likely covers an obscene term, otherwise it might indicate those sucked kisses onto the neck; and "sdrufolotti" likely means "tender squeezes".

Sciera    Понедељак, 02/01/2012 - 18:13

@581C : You should be able to edit the text again; there was a problem with the website but it's fixed now.

Someone told me that the italian lyrics of this band are in a southern italian dialect; that might be the reason for some of the strange expressions.

Guest    Понедељак, 02/01/2012 - 20:29

That was just a matter of a "better" word; thank you.

I could find the word flompino as said by Nanowar himself on the web which sounds like "a silly thing; not important" (as in "I can't understand a mushroom"); well, I instead could find sdrufolotto as "a special technique to kiss which involves the lips, making them vibrate (...)" but I couldn't understand and I don't think it's so important, at least, to me.

Guest    Понедељак, 02/01/2012 - 20:29