L'avventura (превод на енглески)

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The Adventure

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When there's no compassion
Or even a helpful gesture
What to think of life
And those that we know we love?
He who thinks for himself is free
And to be free is a very serious thing
You can't close your eyes
You can't look back
Without learning something for the future
I ran to the hideout
I looked for the window
There is only one sun
But who knows, it could be two mornings
You don't need to come
If it's not to stay
At least one night
And three weeks
Nothing is easy
Nothing is right
Let's not make something dishonest out of love
I want to be prudent
And always be correct
I want to be consistent
And always try to be sincere
And we want to leave
But we always try without knowing how
Your gaze
Doesn't tell any more stories
Neither the fruit nor the flower blooms
And not even the sky is beautiful or silver
And what I was I no longer am
And I don't have anything to remember
It's a sad thing to wish well
Someone who doesn't know how to forgive
I think I always will love you
But I don't want you anymore
It's not a wish, nor saudade
Sincerely, it's not the truth
I know why you left
But I can't understand why
I know why you left
But I can't understand why
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A few things don't flow quite right, and I'm sure I made a few mistakes...so any suggestions are very much appreciated!!!



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