Les filles de La Rochelle (превод на енглески)

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The girls from La Rochelle

These girls from La Rochelle
fitted out a ship.
fitted out a ship.
The girls are quite loose,
even loosey-vavoosey1
So does the leaf fly, fly away
So does the leaf fly in the wind
They set off for America
one morning, at full sail.
one morning, at full sail.
They elected as captain
a fifteen years old gal.
We have no use for men
so they kept saying.
So they kept saying,
yet after six weeks
their asses were on fire.
One evening, a frigate
showed up on the ocean
showed up on the ocean.
It was full of handsome pirates,
fair, appetizing lads.
They hoisted the colours
fighting with sabres and teeth
fighting with sabres and teeth
They finally prevailed
and captured suitors.
And under the pretty moon
lying down stark naked
lying down stark naked
they all spread their legs
gathered on the forecastle2
They shagged breathless
until the sun set bright
until the sun set bright
and it was their captain
who set the pace.
The next morning, the fair ship
set sail into the sunset
set sail into the sunset
while the girls from La Rochelle,
their asses cooled down, sang:
" I lost my virginity
on the open sea
on the open sea
We set off in a breeze3,
we'll go back in pain4 "
  • 1. "avoir la cuisse légere" (to have a light thigh) means "being loose".
    The French goes "their thighs are light, and so are their buttocks"
  • 2. there might be another sleazy pun here: "gaillard" also means "handsome lad". However, the sentence has no double meaning that I can think of
  • 3. "tailwind"
  • 4. "louvoyer" means both "tacking" and "staggering". This is a clear allusion to the pain of defloration preventing them from walking straight.
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Les filles de La Rochelle

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