Levanta la frente (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Hold your head high

Hold your head high. Don't hide your face.
Wipe away your tears, start laughing.
Don't be ashamed, lighten your face;
Why so much pain? Why suffer so?
I already know that your fault will be to the world
scandal, laughter, pleasure and disgrace;
but I am your brother, and in being a judge I am grounded
in accordance with the dictates of the heart.
The offence of giving birth to a child is not the offence:
the law of bearing fruit is the law of the flower...
Whoever offers the faith of affection does not sin
nor is it a crime to entrust yourself to love.
Wicked is the man who causes the offence;
infamous is the man who drinks and then leaves
and leaves the flower in the fountain and doesn't think,
doesn't even think that a being will be born.
Come closer sister; don't cry, don't fear;
the law of being a mother is a natural law;
mothers are goddesses with holy crowns,
whether they comply with or violate the legal norm.
The married mother, the single mother...
They are all the same: they are one, not two;
the laws deny it, whoever denies it,
They are all equal before God!
Don't cry, sister!... You see... I understand you.
I blame you for nothing, I give you my affection;
my house, my arms, my fists I offer you;
for the child that you carry whose father I already am.
Do not fear, sister; you will have my savings,
you will have everything that you see in here...
Your good sister-in-law gave me two puppies;
Reckon, sister, that I now have three.
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Levanta la frente

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MissAtomicLauMissAtomicLau    Среда, 29/09/2021 - 21:07

"Keep Your Head High" sounds way more natural than "Raise your Forehead".

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