Licna Karta (превод на енглески)

превод на енглески

Back and forth, where to go?

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Oh, is it you?
Woman in front of which everyone is on knees,
and I told you won't succeed.
For me you will regret, in misery you will age.
There won't be even a shadow from your such pretty face.
And you, look that miracle, you're prettier than before.
And I throw glasses in the pub, bleeding,
looking wall to punch my head on it.
Back and forth, where to go?
My ID empty is,
only your picture here is it
when I once die
to recognize me on it.
Oh, is it you?
Happy and fall in love again,
and I told you won't succeed.
You won't forgot me, you'll go crazy
and after me there will be a scar on your body,
and you, look that miracle, prettier than before...
Is it you, old my love?
What did happened to you after me?
Are you happier, are you smarter?
What is it that reborned you after me?
Поставио/ла: Daca14 У: Субота, 09/03/2013 - 21:45

Licna Karta

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