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Line 30 bus

The turn called short and the most extreme of the short are two turns very suitable for those, like my father, that prefer to get up early, work and get away soon.
He says that so he has a free day , even if he falls asleep at 10 pm.
The company, so called without ever really mentioning it, is one of those places where working is almost a pleasure.
Definitely almost a title for people who, of course, have no titles.
During the 1970s, the employees of the Bologna public transport services were dressed in an enviable style: blue shirts, flared pants, moccasins and freedom of beard, mustache and hair; like George Harrison and Gianni Rivera.1
My father could tell stories on the guide tell for hours.
For 30 years he led the most varied humanity for a walk, with the only goal of finishing his turn punctually;
because if you are punctual, you end your turn on time.
The company was a fresh, young stuff.
The drivers had made a nice turn over and there were no more Tramvai drivers.
In spite of the Rizzoli street rails that remind you of a town planning of times gone by.
Line 30 bus cut Bologna in the North-South direction,
from San Michele in Bosco to the Bolognina.
It carried the office workers to center, and the Casaralta workers to the Casaralta.
It is no coincidence that the block team was called Bo.CA with the dot between Bo and Ca.
You read it as Bocajuniors, but it actually means Bolognina Casaralta.
One day in via Marconi my father stops,
from the front door a man look out very impatient and asks: " Is this bus going to the station? "
My father discovered later that he had taken on board a journalist of the odious 'Resto del Carlino'.2
My father has always been a man of many words and good feelings, but with a coldness that in many moments in my life I have mistaken for indifference.
Also that day he had the usual goal of finishing his turn on time, going get my brother to kindergarten and returning home to my mother.
On August 2, 1980, as usual, Line 30 bus descended from Via Marconi to Piazza dei Martiri, straight into Via Amendola and then to the right, in front of the train station.
It seems very distant, but if you do it on foot in 5 minutes, you arrived.
The guy in a hurry says: 'A bomb has broken out!'
One, two, three, 10, 20, 50, 76 at the first count, and 85 dead at the end.
Hundreds of the wounded.
Yet the Line 30 bus at half past ten passed through Viale Pietramellara, because the driver did not suspect anything like that.
The train station was no longer a train station.
It was a thing, a stuff without sense or form.
Dust and rubble, wounded people and cries.
The ambulances first, then the police.
A bomb at the station on August 2nd.
Who would have thought of it?
Who did it?
P2, 3 the State surely knows it.
Bus drivers do not know, including my dad.
Taxi drivers do not know,
railway employees, CIGAR workers,
who passed by chance, who went away, who came back,
who sat in the second-class waiting room ( they don't know ) .
I do not know it, I was born in 1985.
You do not know it.
The firefighters, the doctors, don't know it.
Even the bus 37 does not even know it , with Agide Melloni, who served as a rescuer for 16 hours.
Line 30 still passes by the Bologna train station, today.
It still does that route.
In truth, anyone who passes by the station still does that route.
  • 1. the first is the famous musician and singer who was one of the 'Fab Four', 'The Beatles' band; the second was an excellent football player in Milan FC, then a politician and a football amministrative and representative manager
  • 2. daily newspaper published in Bologna, which simpatizas for the center-right Italian political parties
  • 3. it was a sector of freemasonry
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The massacre at the Bologna train station, seen through the eyes of a boy who at the time was not yet born. Moving, without rhetoric.

And today we still ask ourselves: who really was? Why?


Linea 30

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