Lisboa À Noite (превод на енглески)

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Lisbon At Night

Lisbon fell asleep, yet there were lit
A thousand candles, on the altars of the hills
Guitars little by little were silenced
Shut were the tiny windows
Lisbon sleeps a sleep rested
In the voluptuous arms of her Tagus
Covered with the blue quilt of the starry sky
And the breeze comes for fear, to give him a kiss
Walked side by side
Saw a bullfight
Afterwards danced, drank
Heard singing fado
Dawn broke
When she fell asleep
Lisbon did not stop all night
Bohemia, was anything, but parochial
There were grilled sardines there at the fair
And the second edition of a magazine
From there, through Bairro Alto, finally climbed
In the sky, the full moon shone
Heard singing Amalia, and then dreamed
That there was nostalgia for the voice that I had heard
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Note in the recording, Guerreiro replaces "fado" with "Amalia" in the last stanza.


Lisboa À Noite

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