Lla Ri Lli Ra (La Trattoria) (превод на енглески)


Lla Ri Lli Ra (La Trattoria)

Lla ri lli ra, lla ri lli ra,
n'ammore va, n'ato vene,
nisciuno chiù te vo bene.
Nun ce penzà, ll'uocchie asciuttate,
torna a cantà comm' a me.
Lla ri lli ra, lla ri lli ra,
l'ammore passa comme passa 'o viento.
Te vasa pe' 'na vota e niente chiù.
Tira a campà,
nun suffri,
nun te lagnà,
se può capì,
nun penzà ca ll'uocchie chiagnine.
Lla ri lli ra, lla ri lli ra,
l'ammore te l'ha fatto 'o tradimento.
Nun era comme t'o sunnave tu.
N'ammore a ccà,
n'auto a ll'à.
Te pò spassà,
nun te felì
che vuò fa si ll'uocchie chiagnine?
'O tiempo va, se pò scurdà
pienza a canta,
lla ri lli ra.
L'ammore passa comme passa 'o viento
e comm'o viente nun se po fermà.
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Lla Ri Lli Ra - The tavern

Lla ri 'lli ra' Lla ri 'lli ra'
A love goes away, another love comes
no one loves you anymore?
Do not think about it, dry your eyes
go back to singing with me
Lla ri 'lli ra' Lla ri 'lli ra'
Love passes, as the wind passes
it kisses you for once, and nothing more.
Go ahead...
do not suffer
do not complain
do not think that the eyes cry
Lla ri 'lli ra' Lla ri 'lli ra'
Love has betrayed you
was not how you dreamed it?
A love here
another from there
he can pass you
What can you do if your eyes cry?
Time goes, you can forget,
think about singing
Lla ri 'lli ra' Lla ri 'lli ra'.
Love passes as the wind passes
and as the wind you cannot stop it.
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