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The Snow Made an Angel In the Hall

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The girl saw from the bridge how black
The water was down there somewhere...
Her mother asked: Why does she write poetry?
The child must be touched in the head...
The girl cried for a moment and looked behind her
The city's sigh sounded wild...
How could you recognize this as your own land?
The water was black, like the times....
And the water was black
Mom walked around in black
And the priest got to have some coffee
And dad was drunk
What else
Someone brought flowers into the hall
Others go to the moon and others go to Sweden
Others just get less pay
Dad left for Sweden five years ago
Mom was unhappy even then
I put a sheet of cardboard on the window
So that it would at least be warm somewhere
On the radio they sang: Thank God,
On Sunday mom passed away too
And dad went to Sweden
Mom flew up to heaven
And the priest got to have some coffee
And (my) borther was drunk
I could tell he'd been crying
The snow made an angel in the hall
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