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Seventeen текст

  • Извођач: Machinae Supremacy
  • Албум: Redeemer (2006)


We come to help, we deliver a savior
this is your chance at salvation
we can not abide by the savage behavior
of those in command of your nation
We turn over the stone as we poke
and harvest the world in democracy's name
And even though our own is a joke
we need yours to be all the same
We are the ones who are setting you free
now you can share our beliefs and be just like we
We bring you out from under tyranny
and into our economy
when it's all too late you will discover
that wanting to help is a lie
this is what we do, we exploit under cover
swift like a thief in the night
And when you're free to consume and to use
we will service you with everything we produce
Take it or leave it but know this one truth
We market this freedom for you
Live free or die.
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