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There have been so many days without you here
That if I tried to enumerate, I would lose count .
Now I am nothing
For you
I really believed it
Like a priest believes in God
Judas, you're exactly like Judas
May God curse this mouth of yours
whose kisses you give, you give
And I can't sleep at night, thinking
That at this momment,
Right at this moment
I would even be able to forgive you
Sick, can't you see I'm lovesick ?
It's not fair to do it to me
You shouldn't hurt me like that
It burns me like salt
It burns more than the sun
You're breaking my heart into pieces
You play with love
And I'm no longer alive because it hurts a lot...
A lot
I have a whole river of words
But who will I talk to about it?
What can I do
For you to come back?
But If you don't love me
I won't look for you
I won't die
I won't hurt myself
With you anymore...
How I hate
This stupid
I've had enough!
My love, I'm saying "Enough"
I don't believe
That you're not here
That you're not mine
... Mine...
Stupid, crazy girl
I gave you my soul
And it's not fair
That it has to be like this
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"Quanti giorni che non ci sei" can also be:
How many days have you been away?



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