Manchester Orchestra - The Silence


The Silence

Why do I deserve the signs to feel better about you?
At a loss I lost my cool
I denied that I found you
I tried to be a basket case
I did not surprise you
I'm trying to find a signal fire
Let me know when I should move
But you, amplified in the silence
Justified in the way you make me bruise
Magnified in the science
Anatomically proved that you don't need me
Why do I desire the space?
I was mourning after you
I was lost and lost my shape
There was nothing I could do
I don't want to waste away
It was all I gave to you
Take me back and take my place
I will rise right up for you
All the while you waste away, you're asking
"Did I really need another one to take me down?"
Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with, darling
Nobody's gonna tear you down now
There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection
There was nothing but quiet retractions
And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet
There's far more bad than there's good, I don't know how it got there"
That was something your father had burned in me
Twenty hours out of Homestake eternity
"You can go anywhere but you are where you came from"
Little girl, you are cursed by my ancestry
There is nothing but darkness and agony
I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking
Let me watch you as close as a memory
Let me hold you above all the misery
Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here
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