Mari, Mariiko (Мари, Марийко) ( транскрипција)


Mari, Mariiko (Мари, Марийко)

Мари Марийко, карагьозлийко,
ходила ли си лете на мандра?
Видяла ли си, мари, прясно сиренье?
Такова ти е бялото лице [x2]
Мари Марийко, карагьозлийко,
ходила ли си лете на чаршийе?
Видяла ли си, мари, църни чурешки?
Такива ти са църните вежди [x2]
Мари Марийко, карагьозлийко,
ходила ли си лете на бостанье?
Видяла ли си, мари, цървени карпузки?
Такива ти са цървените бузки [x2]
Мари Марийко, карагьозлийко,
ходила ли си лете на морье?
Видяла ли си, мари, тенка гемийка?
Такава ти е тънката снага [x2]
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Mari, Mariyko

Mari Mariyko, karagyozliyko,
hodila li si lete na mandra?
Vidyala li si, mari, pryasno sirenye?
Takova ti e byaloto litse [x2]
Mari Mariyko, karagyozliyko,
hodila li si lete na charshiye?
Vidyala li si, mari, tsyrni chureshki?
Takiva ti sa tsyrnite vezhdi [x2]
Mari Mariyko, karagyozliyko,
hodila li si lete na bostanye?
Vidyala li si, mari, tsyrveni karpuzki?
Takiva ti sa tsyrvenite buzki [x2]
Mari Mariyko, karagyozliyko,
hodila li si lete na morye?
Vidyala li si, mari, tenka gemiyka?
Takava ti e tynkata snaga [x2]
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A note about my transliterations:
Since the Bulgarian language has 30 letters in the alphabet and some sounds that are not present in English, here is a tip on them (since I don't use the Serbian alphabet's characters when transliterating to distinguish them):
й & ь - y, are the sound y like in yellow
я - ya, a combination of й and a, pronounced like the -ia in Bulgaria
ц - ts, really hard sound for anyone who doesn't have it in their alphabet. It's like saying t and s at the same time - take the word "Tsunami"
ч - ch - pronounced like ch and chance.
ъ - no equivalent in English (I transcribe it with y - many people use a, but confusing ъ and а in Bulgarian is considered illiterate; others do it with u, but it confuses it with the letter у), pronounced similar to something like the u in under, but harder and sharper.
ш - sh - pronounced like sh in show.

Please feel free to ask in the comments, if I have missed anything, or haven't explained it well, hope that helps Regular smile

phantasmagoriaphantasmagoria    Субота, 08/07/2017 - 23:42

I never got the chance to thank you for your transliteration, it's really helpful for someone who doesn't know a lick of Bulgarian. I can now at the very least follow along with the song Regular smile

CherryCrushCherryCrush    Недеља, 09/07/2017 - 00:12

You're very welcome! Glad I was able to help and please ask if you have any questions.
This song is actually in a dialect from around the Strandzha mountain, which is the southeastern Bulgaria (very close to the Turkish border), thus its sound is not like the typical Bulgarian due to bigger Turkish influence in that region.

I just listened to the song in the video, these lyrics written down are not from Iva Davidova's version. I've changed the video to match it and moved it to Bulgarian folk - I can't find Iva's version online though, all lyrics seem to be about this one. It is rather typical that sometimes singers make "newer" versions adjusted to sound more familiar to the younger people.

CherryCrushCherryCrush    Недеља, 09/07/2017 - 00:42

I am not the best expert in Bulgarian folk music I'm afraid - I have never heard that version, but listening to the video it sounds like a different song to me due to the completely different meaning of the lyrics on the same melody as the video I have uploaded (and it sounds like a different dialect from the Rhodope mountains, which is southwest Bulgaria). But I guess some folk songs have just different regional variations (although I've never seen one to differ so much).