Melizelda (превод на енглески)

ладино (јеврејски шпански)


Melizelda, Melizelda
la ija del emperante,
ke veniya delos banyos
delos banyos de lavarse, mi amor.
Ansi traiya du puerpo1
komo roza en rozale
la su frente reluzyente
espada2 dulse kortare, mi amor.
La su kara alva klara
komo la leche i la sangre,
la su sejika narkada
komo el arkol de tirante, mi amor.
La sus ojos son pretikos
paresen fino zavache
la su nariz perfilada
pendolikas3 de notare, mi amor.
La sus besos kolorados4
paresen fino korale
la su boka agudika
kon un pinyon la tapare, mi amor.
La su barva redondika
mansanikas de djugare
la tavla de los sus pechos
a dos i a tres djugare, mi amor.
  • 1. Betty pronouces it as 'kuerpo' although in some texts it's written as 'puerpo'. In Ladino both are correct.
  • 2. or 'espeda'
  • 3. or 'pendonikas'
  • 4. In texts it's also 'koloradas'
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Meliselda, Meliselda
the daughter of the emperor
is coming from the bath,
from the bath in which she's bathed herself, my love.
(And) she presented her body like so:
like a rose in a rosebush,
her forehead gleaming;
cutting like a sweet sword, my love.
Her face was a clear morn
like a mixture of milk and blood,
her eyebrow was curved
like an archer's bow, my love.
Her little eyes are black,
they were a fine charcoal1
the profile of her nose was
like the pen of a notary, my love.
Her red kisses
were like fine coral,
(and) her little sharp mouth
I shall cover with a pine cone, my love.
Her little round chin2
were like little apples to play with,
and between her chest a tray;
two or three with which I'll play with.
  • 1. lit. 'jet black'.
  • 2. curiously, 'barva' means 'beard'.
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I've seen some translations out there (mostly in printed books) but they are either interpreting the song (not translating it as directly) or are missing the meaning in others. This translation is as close as you'll find, anything that might sound strange I've left a note for.

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