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Ah, you want to defeat me
You don't want to see me succeed
You come to knock on my mind's door
Only to bother me
But you forgot that God is more powerful
And he will defeat you
Oh 6 times I fall
Oh 6 times I get up
I can't even think of a life of falsehood anymore
Because all you give me, devil
Is rubish, is dirt
It's a pure lie, a lie, all you say is a lie
A lie, a lie, you are a coward who speaks pure
Lies, a lie, you only make my life bitter
A lie, a lie, I'm tired of your horns
Leave my life
You want all of me
I gave you nothing
You continue to hold onto my life, you can only desire it
Because my life doesn't belong to you
Even though I'm not perfect
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